The Process: Literacy Narrative

The idea of my literacy narrative came from an experience I had back in the middle of middle school. My narrative is about how a singular moment allowed me to have a greater appreciation for books. It was the time I was reading Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None when I got spooked by one part of the book, and I dashed to my mom because I got the creeps, but my eyes were still uncontrollably locked onto the engaging narrative of the novel. I gained a greater appreciation for book following that moment because I was never so engaged in a book. The process of writing my literary narrative was challenging. Although it was fun to go back and remember memories of reading/writing, it was difficult to physically write my literary narrative, as I faced the same issue I always face when I write: I didn’t know how to start. It was only after 1 hour or so that I just started writing and hoped for the best. While I was struggling to write, I was just thinking to myself in regret that I should have actually read during those library trips because I would have developed a well-grounded foundation of reading if I actually read more since reading can help in one’s writing skills. Nonetheless, it was quite enjoyable to write my essay.  My favorite sentence from my essay is “The best I could do was The Conjuring because my friends forced me to; I ended up hiding behind my guardian pillow literally for every single second of the film that wasn’t occurring in broad daylight” because I still to this struggle to watch anything in a digital form of entertainment that is even remotely horror.

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