Sly Jim

I chose the glorious meme photo of Jim Halpert from the The Office because I think the picture encapsulates my personality. Jim sneakily watching from behind an office curtain is analogous to my introverted personality, as I am typically behind-the-scenes in social settings. I would say my introverted side, much more frequent than my extroverted half, is characterized by my tendencies to remain in the back of any place where there is unfamiliarity. If I am stuck in a setting of people I don’t know, I am usually the one checking his phone for the 5th in the same minute to see if I received a notification because I am dreadfully waiting… waiting….waiting…. to get sucked into a conversation that has been initiated by another person. Although my introverted self is common, I am strangely the most extroverted within my friends’ group when I am surrounded by the people I know. I like to mess with my friends, sometimes a little too much. I am not afraid to steer the conversation or sing out loud in the presence of my friends just to bring out a laugh. In this way, my behavior is also just like Jim’s mischievous grin.


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