Player Narrative Writing Process

Writing the Player Narrative was much easier than writing the Literacy Narrative. It was definitely because I’ve just played a incomparably more than I have written or read. As much as I would have liked to write about my ample video gaming experience, I recognized and learned that my most memorable experiences regarding games were when I did something with the company of my friends. I have spent so much time playing games alone while talking to friends in the online sphere, but I realize it just isn’t memorable when you’re all alone in your basement. The explicit message my player narrative reflects hopefully conveys that games, not just video games, are enjoyable especially when you play with your peers. I think the real social aspect, that is not present with virtual gaming, is something special that online friendships can’t provide. My steps for this narrative were drastically different to my literacy narrative. In the literacy narrative, I had to compile a list of writing/reading experiences because I struggled to choose a memorable that was particularly memorable to me. However, for this reflection, I had so many experiences I had thought up in my mind simply from the fact I am more a player than a reader-writer.

You can find my player narrative here

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