What’s in My Bag?

  • MacBook Pro 15-inch (2019): I am one of the unfortunate 10% of people that has been cursed with what I would like to call the “left-handed syndrome”, because when it comes to writing in general, being left-handed sucks. If you’re writing in a spiral notebook, your handwriting will vary for every page. Your handwriting will be good on one page then turn to utter poop on the next. That’s because the left hand gets inhibited when you write on the right page from the cursed spiral. Also, whenever I write with an ink pen and even lead pencil, my left hand always touches the writing, smearing lines of words to a smeared glob. That’s why I try to do most of my schoolwork, especially notes, on my trusty MacBook. Also, I recommended the 15-inch over the 13-inch; you can just see more. The touch bar is optional though.
  • Wallet: I try to carry my wallet in my backpack rather than my pocket to prevent losing it. There have been multiple times when I lost or was close to losing my wallet. Once, I left my wallet on an airplane and didn’t notice until I was at the baggage claim; I was able to fortunately find it later. Another time, I left my wallet on a bench, the same bench I always left it on, in my church and went somewhere. I had never got anything stolen in that church before; I was surprised to come back to the bench and not see the wallet. These events converted me to just enclose my wallet in my backpack front pouch so I never will lose it again.
  • AirPods Pro: These bluetooth earbuds are a game changer. I used to carry the Bose SoundSport Wireless and the Beats Studio3 Wireless, the Bose earbuds for casual listening and the Beats over-ear headphones for studying as it had a noise-cancelling feature. The AirPods Pro has all the components that the aforementioned Bose and Beats have but better. The Airpods Pro are compact, easy to wear, extremely comfortable, and have extremely high quality audio. The Airpods Pro also has a really good noise-cancelling component, surprisingly similar to the Beats headphones. AirPods Pros are a must. I don’t think I can use anything else after wearing the Airpods Pros.
  • Pencil case: I received this pencil case from a friend on my birthday after my friend saw that I lost my previous pencil case and I used a ziploc bag as my case for 2 straight weeks. It contains multiple mechanical pencils, pens, highlights, and white-out. I don’t know much about writing utensils, but I would recommend the Uni Jetstream ballpoint pens (0.5 mm). The sharp pen tip allows for responsive and accurate writing. Make sure it’s 0.5 mm! Anything wider is too thick…
  • School stuff: Nothing special here. Just a couple notebooks and folders and for school things. Nothing more to talk about here other than the fact that I have been using the same folders/binders/notebooks since 9th grade because I am environmentally friendly, but mostly because I get too lazy to buy new school equipment.
PC: me

*I carry my iPhone XS and, of course, mask in my pocket.

The things in my bag showcase what I would be carrying on the daily if I was attending on-campus. I usually don’t take a bag with me other than for academic-related purposes. The academic-purposed bag by no means represent me as person as I am not an academic intellectual. This assignment was easy because the backpack and the content inside I imagined to use in college is the exact same as the ones I used in high school. I consider this type of writing to be enjoyable because I am taking the everyday mundane objects I just blindly use but defining each thing with a purpose. 

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