Nadal Would Be Proud

Although the challenge is called “Throw a piece of paper…”, I wanted some liberties with the challenge. Because throwing the paper would be too easy of a challenge (I initially did a LeBron James iconic stepback long shot, but I made it my first try and just didn’t look that interesting), I got out my trusty tennis racket from my high school days and used that to hit the paper ball in. With my usual tennis outfit on, I tried just hitting the paper ball in the air with my 2018 Babolat Pure Drive. That simple task proved to be a challenge. Because of all the tiny cracks and corners of the roughly scrunched up paper ball, the irregular shape of the ball made it go haphazardly upon impact. When I tried hitting the ball in a general direction, the ball seemed to have a mind of its own. Without practice, I told my mom to record my shot and my numerous, numerous attempts in the living room, but she soon got sick of all my misses and told me to do it in my room. I took the challenge on my own: I put my phone against my computer and I just started recording me hitting the ball with my racket, from a considerable distance. After a total of 30 attempts, I recorded a shot that I was finally satisfied with. Behold! The ultimate tennis shot! With the handle comfortably in the volley grip, the paper ball collides with the swinging head of the racket. The ball soars through the air with the perfect amount of backspin. It hits the corner of my room and the ball uses the backboard to get into the bin. GOAL! That is a spectacular shot if I ever saw one.

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