Game Comparison Reflection

The main thesis of the essay is about how the coping of trauma propagates the feeling of empathy for the characters involved who are jumping over the imposing hurdles of trauma.

I thought that writing an inductive essay was much harder than writing a deductive essay. In my writing upcoming, I was accustomed to writing a standard 5 paragraph essay: the introduction states the main thesis of the essay, the 3 body paragraphs each support the main thesis with different reasonings, the conclusion paragraph brings the essay to a natural ending and reinstates the main thesis. Saving the thesis for the very end felt weird to do. From a structural viewpoint, I feel like writing the body, support paragraphs following the introduction helps me as a writer because I am constantly aware how to connect the body paragraph back to thesis. When I have the thesis at the end, especially when the thesis is underdeveloped, writing a thesis statement that forcibly connects the body paragraphs seems difficult to do.

In frank words, I am not sure I correctly followed the Professor Morgen’s intended structure. The purpose of the prompt to compare 2 games—in my case, Gris and Gone Home—I wrote the first 2 paragraphs contrasting the clearly different games. I then dedicated the last 2 paragraphs to how the games involve the theme of trauma and coping of trauma. The very last paragraph continues the discussion of the third paragraph and connects how the characters’ dealing with trauma forces us to empathize with the characters.

I learned about the inductive essay format because it was my first time writing it. I was surprised at how challenging it was for me to write it. I’m not sure if the difficulty originated from the fact that I hadn’t played the 2 games for a long time or because of the inductive essay structure. If I had a choice, I would much prefer writing a deductive essay than an inductive essay.

Find the game comparison essay here

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